Dear Rosen Heights family & visitors, 

We are excited to begin worshipping together in person! Though the pandemic is still going on around us, we are going to begin gathering together for worship on June 21st at 11a.m. for those who are comfortable with coming to a corporate gathering. This is a new season for everyone – things are still very different, so please bear with us as we make some changes for everyone’s safety and be prepared for an altered gathering experience. 

Those who are vulnerable, at-risk, and/or have preexisting health issues are strongly encouraged to remain at home during this time. Our worship services will continue to be available to view online at our website ( and our Facebook page (Rosen Heights Baptist Church). 

We require everyone 3 years and older to wear a face mask from the time you exit your vehicle until you have reentered it after the service is over. If you don't have one, don't worry – we will be keeping face masks and gloves available for anyone who needs one at the entrances of the church. 

Please, maintain social distancing in the parking lot, on the sidewalks, and as you enter the church building. Upon entering the building, please proceed directly to the Worship Center. Families/households may sit together. Please, maintain adequate spacing between you/your household and other people – seating areas will be clearly marked. 

No-touch hand sanitizing dispensers are located throughout the building, so please make use of them. 

Please, self-limit the number of people in the restrooms. 

Please, don't use the water fountains during this time. If you need water, please bring your own water bottle. You are allowed to have it in the Worship Center. 

We will not be resuming the following for the time being: ALL Bible study classes, the nursery, the preschool and the bus service. However, you are more than welcome to bring your children with you to the worship service!

Giving stations will be located in the Welcome Center and the foyer in the back of the sanctuary. You may place your tithes and offerings there. Online giving is still available as well at 

Please note that we will be dismissing people by sections at the end of the service.

If you are sick, running a temperature, coughing, or sneezing, PLEASE stay home and take care of yourself. Also, if you are sick please contact one of your staff members and let us know – we would love to be praying for you as a staff!


Unfortunately, there will be some things that will not be available/able to be used during this time. These include coffee stations, offering plates, physical bulletins, Bibles and hymnals in the backs of the pews, a greeting time, or a public invitation time. We look forward to reinstating these things as soon as it is safe to do so!

You have a huge part to play in the safety of not only yourself but your fellow church members and visitors. As much as we would all like to, it’s simply not safe to hug or shake hands during this time, so please refrain from doing so. We encourage you to wave and to practice socially-distanced conversations. We request this not only for the safety of our church family but because we believe this will also allow us the fastest chance of being able to do these things safely again. 

If you have any questions about steps that our church staff is taking to ensure your safety, or if you have any suggestions of steps that we can take that we aren’t already taking, please let one of your church staff members know. During this time, we will not be reopening any other in-person church activities. Whenever we believe it is safe enough for us to do so, we will let you know when and what this will look like. 

We trust that God’s love for us is as high as the heavens are above the earth (Psalm 103:11), and we believe that He will bring us through this trying season. We look forward to worshipping with you and your family very soon! 


Inavi Jimo, Pastor 

Florence Seb Jimo, Minister of Music & Worship

Christian Stringer, Minister of Youth

Jo Anne Gilley, Financial Secretary